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W. Parry Dolle Caricature

W. Parry Dolle has been creating stuff since he was a snot-nosed kid with a fist full of crayons. MANY years have past since that humble beginning. Now, after receiving formal training from Colorado State University and Ringling School of Art, he is in his 49th year as a professional artist. He has been an art director, creative director, illustrator, designer and cartoonist in the advertising field, all the while secretly dabbling in the world of fine arts.

 "I found that painting and drawing sarcastic cartoons was much needed therapy after a hard day in the corporate grinder."

Now a full-time fine artist, Dolle has been doing juried art festivals for the past 41 years and has won numerous awards (in spite of his tasteless humor!) in both the fine arts festivals and in the advertising design aspect of his career. His work is found in private collections all over the United States and Europe.

Along with the cartoons, his latest fine art work is a shadow boxed dimensional effect of acrylic painting with wood, paper, clay, metal, fiber, wire and more, combined to produce a fascinating visual effect.

"I have always enjoyed 'making artwork' as opposed to 'painting artwork' and that is what I’m attempting to do with the dimensional pieces. As for subject matter, I try to reflect on aspects of everyday life with humorous twists."

"A truly enjoyable part of my life is being able to exhibit my work at these shows and to make people laugh and enjoy themselves! When this happens I feel that I have contributed something worthwhile."

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